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Advanced solutions for sustainable agriculture

The future of farming

Profitability in agriculture has long been equivalent to economy-of-scale and labour efficiency, achieved by large and heavy machinery. Negative impact of soil compaction and uniform application of pesticides nowadays indicates the need for alternative solutions.   

Advanced sensing and automation technologies enable solutions that act on the needs of individual plants. This reduces the need for manual labour and negative impact of pesticides on crop growth. By using these solutions, sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand.


Green Deal ready

Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

High robustness

High robustness for weather and year-to-year variations


Harvest the data along with your crops


The combination of several recent technology trends enables plant specific decision making and action. At the sensing side, camera technology developed for smartphones generates high quality image data that is the input for powerful image processing based on AI technology. On the other hand, proven robotics technology from industry is more and more able to handle partly unstructured environments typically found in agriculture. By combining both sensing and acting, crops and weeds can be analysed and processed in real-time at scale and at commercially viable costs.

High robustness is achieved by leveraging proven technologies from industry to the agricultural domain, while development has been performed using data from the field since day one.


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